Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 
Stockwell Nutrition welcomes you. Our website is an online service operated, owned and managed by Stockwell Team Management. 
We advise you to go through these Terms and Conditions carefully before using and accessing our website, (www.stockwellnutrition.com). By using any part of our service, you directly accept to be bound by these terms of service. If you do not agree to all these Terms and Conditions of this agreement, then you may not use any service or access the website. 
Your use and access to the service are conditioned on your agreement of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms and Conditions apply to all users, visitors and others who use or access the service.
By accessing the service, uploading your personal information, participating in the review or rewards program:
You agree and accept to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.
You agree that you have gone through and understand all the Terms and Conditions of this agreement. 
You agree and accept to abide by all rules and guidelines relevant to the subject matter of this agreement. 
If you don’t agree to the terms of the service, do not use or access the website, disclose your personal information to us or participate in the review and reward program. All the data and information provided by you to us including confidential information is non-mandatory.
Online Store Terms
Any access to the service or its content, including the use or copying them or it for non-commercial or personal use is forbidden without the direct permission of Stockwell Nutrition. All content uploaded, displayed and carried out on the (www.stockwellnutrition.com) is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. 
Intellectual property laws or copyrights concerning some of the information on the website may be managed by the third parties. This website is created, updated and managed by Stockwell Nutrition or its licensors. You may not upload, change, transfer, send, create, design derivative work from, perform, repost, and display any content or information available on the website.
User Account
When you register your personal information and create an account on our website, your personal details must be correct, current and complete at all times. Lack to do so creates a breach or violation of the service terms and it may result in instant termination of your account on our website. 
You are responsible for securing the account password that you use to access the website and for any actions and activities under your password, whether it is with a third party service or our service. 
You accept not to disclose your sensitive information such as the password to any third-party. You should notify us as soon you find any breach of privacy or unauthorized access to your account. 
External Website Links
Our service may or may not include links to other service or websites which are not managed or owned by the Stockwell Nutrition. 
We have no responsibility or control over the privacy policies, content, information or operations of any third-party services or websites. You further agree and understand that Stockwell Nutrition shall not be liable or responsible, indirectly or directly for any loss or damage alleged or caused in terms of the use of or reliance on any such information, service or products available on any such services or websites.
We strongly request you to read and understand the privacy policies and Terms and Conditions of other services or websites that you visit.
Accuracy of Billing and Pricing Information
While we attempt to offer genuine product and accurate pricing information, typographical or technical errors may occur. We may confirm the cost of a product unless you order them. In case, if a product is marked at a wrong price or with incorrect content due to an error in cost or product content respectively, we shall have the right to cancel or refuse any order placed for that particular product, unless the product is ready to get dispatched
In case if the product is mispriced, at our sole discretion, we shall either cancel your order or drop a message for cancellation or contact you for instructions. If you order that product and it has not been dispatched, your offer will not be deemed accepted and we will update the price of the item and notify you for further instructions via your Email ID or contact number which you have registered at the time of creating an account. If we cancel the order, we will send you a notification via email or SMS for any cancellation. 
In case we accept your order, the amount for that particular product will be debited from your debit/card and you will receive instant confirmation via SMS or email. The payment may be processed before the dispatch. If the payment is processed and we have to cancel the order, the debited amount will be revered back to your debit/credit card account. We strive to offer you the utmost value and services, however, the availability and cost are subject to change without notice. Our promotional discounts or offers are not comparable and restricted to limited categories.
Restrictions on Quality
We keep the rights, at our sole discretion to modify the number of products purchased per household, per person, per order. These quality restrictions may be applied to the orders placed by a similar account, orders that use the same shipping and billing address or same debit and credit card. In such a case, we notify the customer or client when the restrictions are applied. We also keep the rights to limit or stop access to our service/product s for any user, we find utilizing our services unlawfully, to ourselves. 
Order Acceptance and Completion
Stockwell Nutrition strives to provide the best possible prices on items and services to the users who are availing or purchasing them from the website. We do not guarantee that the price of any product on our website will be the lowest in the region, city or state. Availability and prices of the product are subject to change with time. 
The cost listed for each promotional product will be for the respective days and will not be applicable on any date after or before the time of promotion.
All offers or discounts on the products will be for a limited time and limited stocks. Stockwell Nutrition reserves the rights to extend, change, update or withdraw the discounts or offers on items without the notice to the buyers or customers. In such a case, the changes related to offers will be updated accordingly on the website.
Once a promo code or coupon is used for any order, it will be non-refundable after the cancellation of the order.
All products sold on the (www.stockwellnutrition.com) are 100% genuine and authentic. We are partnered with the sellers and distributors who only supply original products. We guarantee the condition of the product you purchase or avail on (www.stockwellnutrition.com). However, we cannot guarantee for manufacturing defects. 
At any time, Stockwell Nutrition may cancel the orders placed by the user due to unavailability of stock, technical error, or for any other reason. Our decision of cancellation of any order due to any reason, whatsoever, will be final and we will not be responsible for such cancellation. 
The expected delivery time listed on the website may differ or vary than the actual time of delivery.
Cancellation by Stockwell Nutrition: There may be some orders where we may unable to accept and cancel them.  Stockwell Nutrition keeps the rights at its sole discretion, to cancel, decline or refuse any order for any reason without disclosing the reason to the user. Buyer or user shall agree to undertake and accept the same and she/he will not raise any claim or dispute for the same. The conditions due to which the user's orders are being cancelled by us include errors or inaccuracies in pricing information, non-availability of the quantity of product ordered by the user, or issues identified by Stockwell Nutrition’s team.
Content Accuracy
We adhere to all the actions and take precautions to provide correct information and data. In the process of making the content for the website, we confirm the prices of the products before updating it on the website. We further assure that the prices for the respective products are fairly listed and described. All the listed prices are inclusive of GST. We strive to display the correct image of the product with accurate colours for maximum visibility. However, the accurate colour of the product will vary depending upon your system or phone screen. We cannot guarantee that your phone/system will correctly reflect the colour of the item at the time of delivery. Once you place the order, they will dispatch upon our approval. The shipment of all the products that you order, may or may not be initiated at the same time. 
Access or links from any third-party services or websites are not acceptable to any product, information or service. Stockwell Nutrition is not liable for the performance or content of any third-party service or websites. You shall be at your risk of using any third-party website.
Reviews dropped for the products by the users or customers are strictly their own personal opinions and views. Ratings for the products by the website user or previous or current employees are their own views. The ratings by the users are not intended as a replacement for actual medical care or suggestion from a health care expert.  
No Healthcare Guidance
Our website and services do not aim at providing treatment, diagnosis, or advice on the medical implications of the supplements. All provided information, related to our services and products, are only for informational purposes. We recommend seeking a professional or medical practitioner’s advice before starting your doses. 
Also, all information given on our website is covered in a summary or briefed form. This will cover the treatment options, product information, and health or medical conditions pertaining the supplement consumption. Anything listed on the product label or our website should not be considered as health-professional advice or recommendation. It is listed to make the product retailing compliant with the regulations.
Moreover, the information given on our website is not all-inclusive or comprehensive. It does not cover all physical conditions, diseases, or ailments caused by the wrong supplement consumption. Therefore, get yourself checked by a medical expert and then start consuming the product.  
Stockwell Nutrition does not promote or support the self-management of either health-related issues. Furthermore, do not use the information listed on the website to treat your ailment. We recommend you contact and see a doctor immediately and get the right treatment. Different individuals will have different requirements and side-effects. Check all provided information before buying the product, to stay on the safer side.
Before using or opening a product, make sure you check the product packaging and label properly. If you find there is a variance of some sorts, we suggest that you contact our team promptly. In case of receiving a product with a different label, packaging, or ingredients, contact the manufacture directly.
Our website and company are not responsible for any information mentioned on the website concerning health purposes and supplements. Our dietary products do not intend to provide a cure, treatment, or prevention of the diseases. Consequently, before starting a new diet, exercise plan, or supplement routine take proper guidance from a reliable and experienced personal. We do not provide assurance or guarantee of services or products sold to the consumers. 
Returns Policy
In Stockwell Nutrition’s Returns Policy, the product returns shall not be permitted under the following circumstances: 
If you place the Return Request after 3-working days of receiving the product delivery 
If the product has been opened or used by the user
If the product is tampered by overuse or misuse by the user
If the Return attempt is made without the original packaging material. This includes labels, freebies, price tags, or any other accessories provided during the delivery. 
If the product serial number or code is damaged
However, if the product is delivered to you in damaged or tampered condition, then they will be covered under our Seller/Manufacturer's warranty. Also, to make your order eligible for potential returns, we advise you to keep everything listed-above safe. We do not offer any return service unless the product has been damaged during transit.
The seal should remain intact, an opened product will not be accepted during returns. Also, the product should be in its original condition. With issues related to headache, rashes, dizziness, stomach upset, or any other medical reason, the product return will not be permitted. Furthermore, we will not accept returns if there is a flavour difference, flavours like/dislike, or mixability issue.
The right to terminate access to all our services and products remains with Stockwell Nutrition only. If we find a user or account holder, posing threat to the safety of the website and other consumers, we will discontinue their access immediately. Also, if any user is found violating either of these Terms & Conditions, for any reason, we will terminate their services.
The account of the user will be suspended instantly, without prior notification or liability, if the user is found to be indulging in illicit activities. Not adhering to either of these terms will directly lead to the account and service discontinuation. Once the account has been suspended, the user’s right to use our Services will cease right away. 
However, there is no requisiteness to terminate any account on Stockwell Nutrition. You just have to stop using your account in order to stop the services for a temporary or permanent period.
Governing Law
The Terms & Conditions and other precautionary measures have been taken based on regional and international directives. Stockwell Nutrition's services and clauses are completely in compliance with the mandatory provisions. In case we fail to implement these Terms, it will not be regarded as deferral or abandonment of the rights.
If either of the provisions, mentioned on this page, get asserted as null and void by the Court, the other clauses will still remain valid.  Our Terms & Conditions are like an agreement, that user must have to access our services. If there are any changes in these terms, the amendments will be made accordingly.
The right to make changes or amendments in these Terms & Conditions will always remain with Stockwell Nutrition. In case of a new clause being added to the provisions, a 1-month notice will be provided to all the users and account holders. However, the material change will still remain under our sole discretion. 
If you continue using our services after the clause is implemented, you will have to adhere to the revised set of terms. In case you fail to comply, as providers, we will be bound to discontinue our services for you. Also, if you disagree with either of our Terms & Condition, we advise you to stop using our services.
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In case you have any queries regarding our Terms & Conditions or other practices of our website, feel free to contact us and get it resolved by our experts.